Sunday, April 28, 2013


I have always wanted to help out. Even if it's in a small way. So yesterday, I signed up to help raise money for Hope 2 Haiti. I have been trying to hard to get people to donate, but so far most people only help get the link around. I really need help, so I'm posting the link on here as well. If you could donate, even a dollar, it helps. I just feel like it's time to give back to others for once. At least do something for someone else. If you can't donate, then please send te link to all your friends and everyone you know. Thank you all.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Dinner & Drunk Driving

Today my mum and I went out to dinner. It was quite a surprise, actually, because she doesn't usually just ask if I want to go out to dinner randomly. But it was nice, nonetheless. And what surprised me most was when she asked if I wanted to go to a specific restaurant that I like more then she does. And since we never go there, it was even more wonderful. I even took some home for my sister. Then, we went to my aunts house and waited there for a bit until my uncle showed up. I stayed there, reading, which was nice to do. And while he was driving us home he started telling us stories about how he's a great drunk driver. Then he started talking about Pickle Pete. Now, I don't know why we called him that but we did so just go with it, alright. well, we talked about how Pickle Pete was a very horrible drunk driver and he told me stories about what happened to him while he was driving drunk. I have to say, they were pretty funny. I should mention, pickle Pete is dead now. Not from drunk driving, if that's what you're thinking. Then after that they talked about how my dad was a horrible drunk driver as well, and he wrecked two of my uncles cars. Honestly, it was all just fun. Spending time with the family. I always love that.


Do you want to know what I find beyond stupid? that people tear down houses, normal size housing, to build these massive houses in it's place. i think it's the most ridiculous thing ever. I mean, alright, sometimes big houses make it look better, make the neighbourhood look richer, but what happens when people can't afford these big ass houses? Are they going to tear down every small house and replace it with super expensive houses, because my family can't afford something that big and I'm sure most people who live in the city can't either. Why not just fix up the old house or build a decent size house that a family can afford and live in happily?

Friday, April 12, 2013


I was cleaning my aunts house today with my sister and her boyfriend. They were cleaning the bathroom when I came in there and my sister told me to weight myself. I don't like weighting myself because I don't like knowing how much I actually weight. But I did and it was a stupid mistake because I gained 20 pounds since last summer. It's kind of bumming me out and now I'm going to work really hard to lose it. And maybe more. BUt it's hard for me to lose weight because....well, I don't know. Even if I exercise and eat right it still doesn't go away.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Today, my mum, sister and I all went down today to sign up to help out with the voting next month... I think it's next month. It seems a bit fun and it's nice to help out. I've also almost finished catching up with my show. I feel so proud that I was able to catch up with everyone else even though I've started it about 4 months ago. Proud of me? Maybe. I don't know if anyone else does this, but when I'm alone I like t think to myself..I like to make up a new world where I'm happy. Where everything goes great and nothing is ever wrong. Or if it is wrong it gets fixed to be something beautiful. It's like a new life. A second life. I dream, even. I don't think I'm the only one but I've never told anyone before.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Best friends

I don't think I've ever felt more blessed than I did today for my friends. We watched a movie today, a sad one, and it got us thinking about our school days. About how we're glad we didn't have cliques. We were glad that our bully problem wasn't so bad. Then we shared memories together. Camp in grade 7. Canoeing. Archery. How a popular girl was our friend. Just proper funny moments. Then we started talking about people we never liked it school. Friend: I think she was only mean because she was so short. It was surprisingly fun. But then we got into how my friend felt so bad because she was bullied. I mentioned my depression. I told them how I felt bad when no one believed me. I felt even worse when they made fun of the fact that 'I thought I had depression'. They did give me helpful things. Then we talked some more. Then I told them something I've only told one other person. I told them that I used to cut myself. They listened to everything and said they were so incredibly proud of me for stopping and told me I was strong. It made me feel good. But I wanted to cry. Yes, I'm emotional. But it brought back memories and feelings I had when I was doing that and it made me feel bad again. Anyways, I was just thankful that they didn't judge me and I am so happy that I could have friends like that around me and will support me and lead me on the right path. So, even though you'll never see this, my friends, you are two of the most important people in my entire life and I never want to lose you both. Thank you and I love you.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Bus

I was gonna post this yesterday but I was super tired. So I'm gonna write about it now. The bus. I don't mind taking the bus, sometimes there is a good looking guy there. Sometimes you see a friend on it. But sometimes I get really frustrated. It's just some people are rude. They sit on the isle seat so no one can sit beside them. I find that is the rudest thing. I get if you have bags and use the other seat to put your bags on but if not then sit by the window and let others sit beside you. Be nice. Also, when you stop in the middle of the isle and slightly move a bit so people can barely pass you, that is rude. Anyways, yesterday that all happened. But there was one good thing that happened. This punk looking girl with her head half shaved asked an old man if he wanted her seat. I thought it was a great example for everyone and a great ay to throw away stereotypes. Besides the bus thing, I had a good time. I took my mum out to dinner and a movie for her birthday (which is on the fourth) and she enjoyed it. Plus it wasn't too expensive for me which is a bonus, right? Haha.